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After a healing session with


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Your life has

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A ‘wholistic’ healing technique with benefits experienced on physical, emotional, mental & energetic levels.  Gentle muscle monitoring determines stress causing issues in all areas of life.

Kinesiology is a comprehensive healing modality combining techniques from both Eastern & Western Medicine. 

A wide variety of conditions (including lack of motivation, anxiety, & learning difficulties) can benefit from Kinesiology as it focuses on rebalancing the mind-body-spirit connection.

Benefits are experienced on all levels of being – physical, emotional, psychological & energetic – allowing for  greater health & success in all areas of life

Gentle muscle monitoring accesses the body’s bio-feedback mechanism (our unconscious ability to function) to discover imbalances in the body system affecting health & wellbeing.

Kinesiology can identify & clear imbalances allowing healing to occur via the body’s self-healing process.

We are all unique!

Stress is one of the most common issues of modern times & symptoms of stress can manifest differently in each person.  Every Kinesiology ‘balance’ caters specifically for the individual needs of the client.

Healing issues relating to:

· Stress

· Learning

· Motivation

· Confidence

· Fears, Phobias & Anxiety

· Depression

· Limiting Beliefs

· Physical Health

· Allergies

· Nutritional Health

· Emotional Wellbeing

· Untapped Potential

and many many more...

Learning can be impaired due to any number of stresses.

Text Box: Kinesiology:

Initial Session (2hrs): $175
Subsequent sessions (1hr): $95


· Client is fully clothed laying on a massage table.

· 3 - 10 sessions are recommended to clear any issue.


¨ Payment is due at time of consultation

¨ Cash payment only

Health Fund Rebates May Apply